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Terms & Conditions:

What EDI will need from you:

EDI will need access to your Eloqua instance

EDI uses your login credentials to access the Eloqua instance. The login provided must have access to APIs; EDI uses this login to read data from Eloqua and layout the views in the app. 

Limitations during the free trial:

1: Limit on the Number of campaigns :

The number of campaigns is limited to 10 during the free trial. The Campaign Orchestrator will display all the emails and assets linked to those ten campaigns.

2: Limit on the Number of contact records

Orchestrator will display up to 50,000 contacts and the accounts that are linked to it.

Data Privacy:

Q: Does EDI store data outside Eloqua?

No. Though EDI reads metadata like campaign asset Id and email asset, email activity data like total sends, open rate, clickthrough rates, or contact and account data – it doesn’t store any of it.

Q: What happens to the stored data after the trial ends?

All the data that was stored gets erased from our systems within 7 days from the end of the trial.

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