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Most of us at portQii started our careers in CRM organisations like Oracle. In the early days, we were short of functionalities and were hiring organisations to process our data. What those firms did with our data seemed a little short of magic to us – and they never taught us the tricks. Years later, when we started our own firm, we wanted to fix that. We wanted the magic to be in the hands of every person – that’s why we called it PortQii.

Our apps are popular on the Oracle Marketplace since 2016 and they performs many tricks; from teleporting Eloqua assets across instances, to crafting campaigns with data that’s actually in Salesforce and Snowflake; from de-clogging Eloqua’s plumbing pipes to magically versioning all your work without heavy backing-up. All our apps are scalable to enterprise levels and are being used by global enterprise leaders.

Apps are not the only kind of sorcery we do. We deeply understand today’s tech stack and have experience working with Salesforce, Eloqua, Snowflake, Microsoft CRM & Adobe Experience Cloud – enough to synchronise them with each other at your whims. Talk to us about your current roadblocks and we may have something ready for you, or our 20-string team can whip something up quickly


Portqii was founded by visionary leaders with over 20 years of extensive experience each in CRM and Marketing within the B2B domain. Their deep expertise and profound insights have been instrumental in shaping the company’s mission and driving innovative solutions to tackle digital marketing challenges. With their seasoned guidance, Portqii has become a trusted name in the industry, delivering remarkable results and helping organizations unlock their true marketing potential.

Since 2016, our apps have gained popularity on the Oracle Marketplace, performing various feats, such as teleporting Oracle Eloqua assets between instances, crafting campaigns with Salesforce and Snowflake data, and optimizing Oracle Eloqua’s efficiency. These apps are designed to scale seamlessly to meet the demands of enterprise-level usage and have been embraced by global industry leaders.

However, our expertise goes beyond app development. We possess a deep understanding of today’s tech stack, with experience in working with Salesforce, Eloqua, Snowflake, Microsoft CRM, and Adobe Experience Cloud. We excel at synchronizing these platforms to cater to your specific needs. Whether you have existing roadblocks or new challenges, our agile team of 30 is ready to offer solutions or create custom ones promptly. Reach out to us, and let’s make your digital marketing endeavors magical.

Need help with your Martech stack? We can help.

We offer expertise in strategy, custom solutions, and services, all backed by a data-driven approach to problem-solving. Let us assist you in overcoming hurdles and optimizing your marketing technology for exceptional results.

Connect with our team

the task master

Ajay Sikri

The Eloqua expert in the portQii team who doesn’t stop talking about Eloqua APIs. Has 20 long years of experience in the CRM and Marketing space. 

techie at heart

Arvind Aiah

The technical genius in the portQii team. He has 20 years of experience of solving technical challenges and collecting Salesforce certificates is his hobby.

the content guy

Shiv Inde

The content expert in the portQii team thinks he is super creative though it’s ambiguous. Again he too comes from 20 years of long experience mostly in the CRM space.