The forever free app – for the Eloqua community!

Power of SQL Query

Leverage all the power of SQL query language with no limits. Users familiar with SQL can write complex SQL queries or simply construct queries using the field dropdowns.

Team Highlights

Get a glimpse of what your team is up to. See who is creating or updating what assets.

Know your assets

See how far you are from hitting the limit of contact fields, check the sync history or how many campaigns, emails etc exist in the Eloqua instance. 


Export the results of the query, be it data dictionary or data, to CSV files.

Avail an extended Free trial
(1 + 3 months):

Offer on Asset Naming Assistant (ANA) - exclusive for workbench users.

We create thousands of assets, and each asset name ought to be meaningful. Codify your naming conventions into ANA and simply let the app do the thinking for you

Here are the advantages:

ANA is easy to install. Anyone with Eloqua’s admin rights can install it with the link above.