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With Portqii Asset Naming Assistant – Everything will make sense.

Panama City and Mexico City are the capitals of Panama and Mexico. Foreign names are difficult, but if all the capital cities were named like in Panama and Mexico, I would be so much better at the Flags and Capitals quiz! 

That’s one of the first things I will do after carrying out my evil, genius, world domination plan: rename all capitals. I will also redraw all national borders and shape every country into a hexagon. All flags would be white with just the name of the country written on them. I will also rename either Austria or Australia; they have so little in common. I wonder if Mozart knew about Kangaroos. Navigating the world map would be so easy if my plan works out.

Eloqua instances have similar name-issues. The Oracle Eloqua dashboard tells us that test_campaign42 has improved its click-to-open rate, but it’s being so enigmatic. What is test_campaign42? Which geography is it serving? Who is my segment? Which division is managing the campaign? When did it start? What’s the Eloqua Asset ID?

Some teams standardize the naming conventions for Eloqua assets, but staying true to these business rules is challenging as teams grow in size and across geographies. Typically, we will need one fussy, compulsive manager who can induct each new-hire into the nomenclature syntax and regularly audit the names of all assets. Typically, this person likes soviet memorabilia and cats.

With portQii’s Asset Naming Assistant (ANA) , which is now available for both Eloqua and Marketo, you can reassign this person to the archive purging department. With ANA, you can control the business rules for naming conventions and ANA will do the naming of assets as per your convention. One less thing for the new team members to worry about; all they need to do is accept the suggested name for the asset. Experienced users still retain the ability to tweak the name if need be.

Asset names suggested by ANA can tell us a lot more than a name like ‘test_campaign42’ does. With meaningful names that truly represent the asset, we don’t need to double click into each asset or campaign to learn more about it. 

For instance: US_NY_PetCare_GuideToDogFood_FT_Jan21_1527 is a name suggested by ANA and we readily know these things about this asset:  

Geography: USA

City: New York City

Division: Pet Care division

Campaign About: Guide to Dog Food

Start Date: Jan 21st

Eloqua Asset ID: 1527

ANA is magical; it can even rename all the old assets while maintaining all the linkages.

ANA also allows us to tag assets. There are limitations to searching or analyzing assets with standard fields, but tagging assets allows us to make new associations and create fresh perspectives. ANA’s smart tagging allows us to attach new properties to an asset that would otherwise be limited by the standard fields.

Lastly, if you weren’t able to reassign that manager to archive purging, we can equip him with a periodic email that can list all the bad names. One can use this list to drive a culture of standard business practices and naming conventions across geographies and teams.

Reach out to us for a demo and we would be glad to help you : )