Portqii Customer Success Story ​


Customer: Fortune 500 Multinational Company
Annual Revenue: $50B
Global Presence: 220 manufacturing locations located in 150 countries


Our client is a prominent Fortune 500 American multinational corporation, boasts a workforce of over 80,000 employees and a worldwide presence. Recently, the company strategically divested a majority stake in its Climate Technologies business to a private equity funds company. 

As a new independent entity, dedicated to serving the global HVACR market, the company’s extensive product portfolio includes industry-leading compressors, controls, thermostats, valves, software, and monitoring solutions. Targeting residential, commercial, and industrial customers, the company stands out in providing comprehensive HVACR solutions. 

Having relied on Eloqua as its marketing automation platform for the past 8 years, the original company managed a diverse array of products and services tailored for businesses worldwide. This intricate product landscape necessitated a highly customized and complex marketing system to effectively manage global marketing operations.


As part of the corporate takeover, the newly formed standalone company faced the formidable challenge of disentangling its sales and marketing operations to align with the company’s refined focus and product portfolio. The complexity of the existing marketing system presented a Herculean task—splitting the system into two instances. This involved transferring marketing asset data from the original entity to a new Eloqua instance while maintaining the original instance for the standalone entity. 

The urgency to support the business decision for the spin-off within a specified timeframe added an additional layer of complexity. The customer team initiated meticulous planning and analysis, only to realize the enormity of the task at hand. Even with an initial limited asset count comprising email templates, forms, landing pages, and images, the preliminary analysis indicated a staggering timeline of close to 180 days for the customer to perform the migration. Furthermore, the inventory of assets was missing two critical marketing asset types: emails and campaigns, which were anticipated to be the most time-consuming components. 

Extrapolating from the initial plan, we estimated that the manual migration, as per the client’s devised strategy, would demand a colossal 2500 hours (~312 days). This timeline was impractical given the pressing business constraints, urging the team to seek a more efficient solution to meet the demanding spin-off schedule. 


The company reached out to Portqii as they were aware of PortQii’s innovative and efficient approach to migrations using the Transporter Sync application from their earlier communications.  

Portqii’s Transporter Sync serves as a comprehensive, automated platform designed to facilitate seamless migration and the delivery of a fully operational new instance.  

What makes Transporter Sync a must-have solution is its remarkable ability to recreate assets in a destination instance with unparalleled efficiency. With just a single click, the company could now swiftly replicate assets, a process that would previously have been time-consuming, complex, and error-prone. This transformation was further accentuated by the platform’s intelligent engine, which autonomously assessed both instances and generated all necessary elements. This ensured that the asset’s integrity and functionality were meticulously preserved in the destination instance.  

Gone were the days of laborious manual tasks. Instead, the company’s MOPS teams can now initiate the transfer with a single click, effortlessly transporting assets to other Eloqua instances in minutes. This streamlined process not only saves valuable time but also significantly enhances operational efficiency, marking a substantial leap forward in their marketing operations. 


The Portqii team took the initiative to analyze the type and quantity of marketing assets that needed migration to the new instance.  

Leveraging their extensive experience in over 20+ instances migrations, the team applied their proven framework to provide a precise effort estimate for the migration, which stood at 240 hours (~30 days). 

Initially met with disbelief by the company, the Portqii migration team substantiated their estimate with evidence from their successful past migrations. They showcased the volume of assets moved and the efficiency with which they had delivered results. This evidence instilled confidence in the company, leading them to proceed with the migration. 

True to the estimates, the Portqii team successfully completed the migration within the stipulated time. Transporter sync completed the migration project at a 10X faster speed. What would have taken 300+ days was completed in 30 days. 

The automated migration not only met deadlines but also resulted in substantial cost savings for the company, to the tune of $200K.  

Also, the automated migration service that the Portqii team carried out, eliminated the need for extensive manual testing, preventing common errors associated with manual migrations again reducing the marketing spend of the company. 

The marketing operations team expressed great satisfaction with the outcome, as they were able to not only meet but exceed the expectations of stakeholders, resulting in a seamless transition for the newly established standalone company.


About Portqii

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