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Version Control for Eloqua Assets

My hard disk is full – not with important documents or source codes, but with pictures of my children and videos of my cat chasing a laser pointer and my dog chasing my cats. I thought a portable hard disk would solve this, but I did that last time too! Some day, one day, I will sift through them and choose the best ones and delete the rest . . I hope so.

Eloqua instances can have a similar issue. Some organizations have emails from the Christmas campaign of 2008, that was the Christmas even John McClane had figured what to do with.

We understand that it is difficult to delete old assets. It takes time to sift through the assets and making decisions about each asset is tiring. The decision of letting it stick around instead of deleting them is easier and that’s what most of us default to. The task is even more complex when you need to decide for the whole team. This is the problem we tried to solve with the Asset Version Control.

Like with Google docs or a Git repository, the Asset Version Control (AVC) saves the changes we make to an Eloqua asset. This allows us to focus on making all the changes that it needs, without worrying about the version that it is replacing, without needing us to make a copy for the ‘just in case’ scenario.

Since each version is saved, one can choose to roll back to any version they need. AVC also allows us to preview multiple versions side-by-side before rolling back.

Saving copies and copies of copies of assets that we may or may not need makes the Eloqua instance bulky. Bulky instances are lethargic and take patience to deal with. Instead, if we just choose to save versions, the instance remains lean and nimble. AVC’s smart archiving analyzes assets and archives them in a well sorted database, allowing us to retrieve assets when we need them, without slowing the instance down.

So, between archiving assets which you may never use, but retrievable when you need it, and auto saving versions of an asset, your Eloqua instance will remain nimble and responsive. Reach out to us and we will demo AVC. We are sure you will love it!