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Tag your assets for a Google-like, easy-to-search Eloqua

When using Eloqua, have you wished to see all the assets, irrespective of the asset type, to be seen in one single window?

Perhaps you want to see all the assets related to a campaign? or maybe all assets that were created by you, or another users? Eloqua doesn’t allow that. We instead open multiple tabs on a browser, one for each asset type.

We have solved for that. You can now tag your assets and view all of the tagged assets in one place.

Some of the common tags are #EloquaUser, #CampaignName, #ProgramName – but you can use this features to creatively solve for your specific challenge.

Portqii’s Asset Naming Assistant can do a lot more than tagging assets. For example, it can help your team follow naming conventions while creating assets.

Get in touch with us, and we will show you how easy it is to use this app.