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Salesforce Data Intelligence for Oracle Eloqua

One of the first uses of telegrams across continents was to get sports updates. People in Australia would be betting on the outcomes of a match being played in England, and would know if they won only when the newspapers wrote about it the next day.

In the meanwhile, the bookies taking those bets got real time updates via telegrams, thereby hugely increasing their chances of making money.

If we are running a dog-food campaign specialised for puppies, it helps to know in real-time about the people who are Googling about puppies. Instead, if we store the customer details at the beginning of a 6-month campaign, we will miss out on new customers. We also may be emailing customers who pups are all grown up. Six months are like ten dog-years!

Tracking real-time data can be great for any business, especially when we are trying to reach out to customers with offers. While running a campaign, Eloqua typically stores customer data in a CDO (Custom Data Object) and it remains static through the campaign. Your Salesforce customer data on the other hand is dynamic. Your campaign is not making the most of the updated data in-spite of having it handy on your Salesforce instance.

The conventional salesforce-eloqua integration using Custom Data Objects have two drawbacks, one: it is not dynamic, and two: it can’t query Salesforce Data to define segments that can be very specific.

Wait, now there is an app for that !

Many of our clients at PortQii use both Eloqua and Salesforce. They are both amazing at what they do, but our clients were asking us to get them to talk to each other dynamically. That’s why be built EDI (External Data Intelligence).

EDI is always reading the data off Salesforce, so it helps Eloqua run campaigns with the latest information.

Since EDI can query Salesforce directly, we can also define a narrower segment of customers for each campaign. Having a well defined segment allows us to spend the marketing money more effectively and on relevant customers.

We will be happy to help you with it; reach out to us for a demo!