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One Click Transport of Eloqua Assets across Instances

You have a new Eloqua instance and many of the assets you need are ready in your other asset. Or, perhaps you have a few assets in your APAC instance that you also need in your Americas instance. How do you copy these assets across instances.

The difficult way, is to download each image and copy each text, and recreate these assets in your new instance, while you also build the schema for your new campaign.

We don’t need to do that – Portqii’s Transporter Sync can handle all the complication – programmatically. Moving assets across instances is as easy as copy and paste now.

Transporter Sync

If you are convinced that the Transporter Sync is the right product, then you might be wondering how to convince your boss to buy this app!

For that, we have built a migration efforts calculator.

Get in touch with us, and we will show you how easy and quick this is.