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Transport Assets across Eloqua Instances

If Marie Kondo would want an app for Eloqua, this would be it, the Transporter sync. This is the only app in the current market that allows you to transport assets across multiple Eloqua instances.

Perhaps you are a large organization weighing the pros and cons of having multiple Eloqua instances. Perhaps you want a dedicated instance for each of your products, each brand, each language, each geography, or just something that can function as a sandbox for your marketeers. In which case, you would have figured that the biggest drawback of having multiple instances is that you won’t be able to move assets from one instance to another.

Don’t let that hold you back.

Having multiple instances is an industry best practice. The marketeers will have a clutter free environment to work in and there never will be a case of mixing up your customers. Having a single instance on the other hand bloats your Eloqua instance. The spinner fatigue is serious. Working on a sluggish software, where you spend more time waiting for the screen to populate, even for a small task, is just not fun.

Without the Transporter sync app, one would need an army of analysts who would read the design of the asset in one instance and recreate the workflow in another. This method would take months depending on the size of the work and would be prone to human errors. Copying HTML or plain text would be simple, but what’s taxing is that we cannot copy workflows. The dependent assets like images that would form the body of the email also had to be first downloaded and then uploaded into the new instance with the same name. If all goes well, you will have the asset functioning in the new instance.

With Transporter sync, you don’t need to worry about any of that. One of our clients transported about 10,000 emails with zero errors in just under three weeks, which would have taken more than six months. That’s an extreme case, but it shows how powerful the app is.

The New York Times defined marketing as the art of telling stories so enthralling, that people lose track of their wallets. We love that phrase, and we want to help marketeers get back to storytelling. They can excite customers about the product or the service, isn’t that why organizations hire them. And not to handle assets and their transportation across instances – that job is mundane and tiring and best left to machines.

Using the Transporter Sync is easier than waking children up on weekends. With just a few clicks, we can transfer an asset of any size across to any instance. The transporter not only moves the asset, but includes all the dependencies that it will need to fully function when it arrives.

Ask us for a demo and we would be thrilled to show you what we’ve built!