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Easiest way to create a family of folders in Eloqua

We were introduced to computers when Texas Instruments donated their old computers to my school. We were thrilled!

I struggled to remember which contained what: Files contained folders? or Folders contained files? Files and folders were the same in the physical world!

But, once we understood, I was like Monica Geller – I would clean up every desktop from then on.

Folders are amazing, Desktop or not – they make lives easy.

At times, in Eloqua, we need to create a whole family of folders and sub-folders. The desktops are quick, but it takes a lot of patience and time to create folders with sluggish web based systems like Eloqua.

To help the Eloqua community with that, we created this feature:

You can now create folders with spreadsheets

Creating folders is just one of the several features of our Workbench app.

Portqii’s Workbench is a versatile tool. It is free to use and can make a lot of things easy for the admins. Here is a list of things it can do.

We sell a lot of Eloqua apps, but this one is free to use. It is free now, and will be free forever. Click here to login to Workbench. It is best used with the admin credentials – you will make the most of this app.