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Clean your Eloqua instance and keep it clean

As marketers, we understand the value of custom contact fields in Eloqua.

They help us perform critical business functions such as integrating Eloqua with external systems or switching to first party data.

However, we’ve probably run into an issue where we can’t delete an asset because of dependencies, and that’s where Asset Dependency Manager (ADM) comes in.

ADM is the solution to one of the most common problems in the Eloqua world: dependencies stopping us from deleting an asset. It’s easy for ADM to decouple thousands of dependencies before deleting a custom field.

And, it’s not just contact fields that ADM can help us with; it works with all types of assets.

ADM is the only app in the market that solves this issue.

It has helped many Eloqua teams reclaim custom contact fields by deleting obsolete ones.
And, while it may take days or even weeks to manually clean up an instance, ADM can clear a dependency every 2.6 seconds on average.

Perhaps the only reason Eloqua teams don’t clean up an instance is because it’s cumbersome.
With ADM, we don’t have to worry about spending hours, days, or weeks to clean up your instance.
ADM can help you get rid of all the stagnant assets in an instant.

ADM is an excellent solution for Eloqua users who want to clean up their instances quickly and efficiently.

But what about keeping it clean?

A lot of assets on Eloqua are backups or backup of backups.
Team members hesitate to make changes to an asset. They wonder about a time when they may need to revert to an older version. So they keep a lot of copies.
With Portqii’s Asset Version Control (AVC), users need not worry about saving copies.
AVC saves versions of an asset, and we can revert to any of the older asset when needed – without anyone manually saving copies.

ADM and AVC together form a great duo for any Eloqua team that wants to keep their instances organized and sorted.

Portqii apps can do much more than remove dependencies of contact-fields or maintain versions.
If you’re interested in learning more about how Portqii can help you with your Eloqua instance, please reach out to us.

We’d love to demo our apps to you.