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Auto-Backup your Eloqua assets with Version Control.

None of our emails or campaigns are every fully complete. The team keeps coming back to make changes to it.

And, each time they want to make a change, they wonder: am I deleting a lot of it? What if I need all this later? and the most common response to this dilemma is: save a copy.

Saving copies of an asset works when the assets are few. As the number of assets grow and as the team grows, each asset leaves behind a trail of copies that clutter the instance. Users need to remember to delete those copies, and each time they try deleting, the need to deal with the dependencies that stop them from deleting any asset.

What if Eloqua kept track of each saved copy as versions and you could just view any version at any time.

With Portqii’s Version Control, Eloqua saves each version and allows us to view each stage, compare two or more versions and rollback to a version if need be.

One could even spin off a new asset from one of the older versions.

Asset Version Control takes the fear out of creative work. All the saves are versioned for easy access.

Get in touch with us, and we will show you how easy and effective this app is.