Naming, or even Renaming assets is this easy with the ANA app:

We have built this page to demonstrate how easy naming assets in Eloqua is.

Let’s play with this page to see how ANA works:

There are three steps here:

  1. Define Attributes
  2. Configure them
  3. and, Use 


Defining Attributes:

  1. We can have an unlimited number of attributes defined – let’s define a few attributes here
  2. The data types of these attributes can be varied (textboxes, dropdowns, and such)


  1. Once defined, we need to figure which attribute goes with which asset type
  2. Configurations are flexible, and we can choose the order of them, and the presence of them in an intuitive grid system


  1. And we use these definitions and configurations

ANA can do a lot more than naming assets:

  1. We can hashtag assets; this makes searching and viewing all the assets that are associated with a tag easy, in once place.
  2. ANA also is synchronized with your favorite CRM
  3. Provides regular, immediate feedback to users through frequent reports.
  4. And, it’s not just for the new assets, if you choose to, we can rename all the older assets as well, in a bulk rename task.


On This Page:

In this example, we have few pre-defined rules that will enable asset naming.


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