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How Transporter Sync Enabled Streamlining Marketing Practices For a Global Power Management Giant

Customer: Multinational Power Management Company
Annual Revenue: $21B
Products/Services: 10,000+ SKUs


The company, a dynamic and global powerhouse, boasts a diverse portfolio of products and services that cater to a wide range of industries. With an extensive inventory of over 10,000 products, the company operates in a highly competitive market, where an effective marketing strategy is paramount for success. 

This vast array of offerings necessitates a sophisticated network of content and marketing data assets, including emails, campaigns, segments, and landing pages. The intricate interplay of these elements introduces a significant level of complexity to executing marketing operations effectively. 

The interplay between this extensive catalog of SKUs and their web of content and marketing data assets can be described as a marketing jigsaw puzzle, where each piece must fit perfectly to create a compelling and cohesive customer experience. This complexity not only presents a unique set of challenges but also underscores the company’s commitment to providing customers with a best-in-class experience, which was tailored, relevant, and highly engaging. 

The company was using Microsoft Dynamics as its CRM and Eloqua as its marketing automation platform to help it achieve its marketing goals. 


Previously, the company used Microsoft Dynamics as its CRM software but was in the process of transitioning to Salesforce. The transition was notably arduous due to the tightly integrated nature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Eloqua. 

The Eloqua team at the company planned a pilot project to rigorously test the integration between Eloqua and Salesforce, comprising three key steps: 

Scope Definition: Identifying the specific campaigns, programs, and forms to be included in the project. 

Sandbox Creation: Establishing these marketing data assets within a controlled Sandbox system. 

Dependency Verification: Ensuring each marketing data asset was created with all its dependencies intact, safeguarding its integrity. 

Despite initial expectations of a relatively smaller-scale project, the endeavor posed considerable challenges for two primary reasons: 

Asset Migration: Eloqua, like many marketing automation platforms, lacks a native feature to seamlessly transfer entire campaigns or other marketing data assets between instances. This meant that recreating a campaign in a sandbox meant recreating all associated marketing data elements, including emails, landing pages, segments, and forms (referred to as dependencies). 

Dependency Identification: Eloqua also lacked a straightforward method for identifying all dependencies in one go. This vital task was relegated to a manual and repetitive process, with the duration contingent on the number of dependencies associated with each campaign or form. 

Given the absence of an automated asset creation process, the MOPS team at the company was left with no choice but to: 

Thorough Dependency Analysis: Manually identify dependencies for each marketing data asset. 

Complete Redevelopment: Manually recreate all elements in the destination instance. 

This undertaking proved substantial even within the relatively constrained scope defined by the Eloqua team. 

Furthermore, establishing a precise timeline for the project proved challenging due to the manual and time-intensive nature of dependency identification as well as asset redevelopment. 

Consequently, the team found themselves in a quandary, actively seeking solutions to streamline the process and establish a reliable timeline for project completion. 


The company had already been leveraging various solutions and services offered by Portqii, and they turned to Portqii for assistance in this crucial assessment.  

The solution provided by Portqii proved to be a game-changer for the company in its endeavor to assess Eloqua’s integration with Salesforce. 

Portqii’s Transporter Sync serves as a comprehensive, automated platform designed to facilitate seamless migration and the delivery of a fully operational new instance. 

What makes Transporter Sync a must-have solution is its remarkable ability to recreate assets in a destination instance with unparalleled efficiency. With just a single click, the company could now swiftly replicate assets, a process that would previously have been time-consuming, complex, and error-prone. This transformation was further accentuated by the platform’s intelligent engine, which autonomously assessed both instances and generated all necessary elements. This ensured that the asset’s integrity and functionality were meticulously preserved in the destination instance. 

Gone were the days of laborious manual tasks. Instead, the company’s MOPS team could now initiate the transfer with a single click, effortlessly transporting assets to the Sandbox instance in minutes. This streamlined process not only saved valuable time but also significantly enhanced operational efficiency, marking a substantial leap forward in their marketing operations. 


The implementation of the Transporter Sync solution yielded extraordinary results for the company. What was initially estimated to be a 3–4-month endeavor was completed in a mere 10 days, marking a substantial reduction in both time and marketing expenditures. 

This remarkable achievement solidified Transporter Sync as the team’s preferred solution for automated asset migrations. It quickly became a cornerstone of their operational strategy, recognized as a best practice automation solution. 

Given the vast scale of the company’s global operations, which span various products and regions, the use of multiple Eloqua instances was a necessity. Transporter Sync emerged as a pivotal tool in this context, empowering them to seamlessly implement their most effective strategies and flawlessly executed marketing data assets across all global units. This capability translated into significant time savings and amplified the impact of their marketing efforts on a global scale. 

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