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Help your Eloqua teams easily follow naming conventions

We all would love to see well chosen names for Eloqua or Marketo assets. Names that indicate what the asset is without having to double-click on it.

Coming up with such names are hard, and if left to each of us, then each of us will create our own naming convention.

Publishing a naming convention that is common to the organization, training the team and further following up with folks to ensure they follow the conventions is hard, both on the leadership and on the people following the business rules.

What if we just started using an app while creating assets?

With the Asset Naming Assistant, which is available for both Eloqua and Marketo, it is easy to set the characters that make up the asset name. We can just choose the attributes of the asset, and the app uses preset characters to create the name for the asset.

This allows the users to be quick and not spend time thinking about a meaningful name. And since the business rules apply to everyone, the whole Eloqua team will know how to read the names with little effort.

Assets can also be tagged using ANA, which makes searching for assets Google-like easy.

Get in touch with us, and we will show you how easy and loved this app is.