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Terms & Conditions:

Contact Fields

Q: How many contact fields are cleaned with the free offer?

Three contact fields, but we will also clean thousands of dependencies that each contact field brings with it.

Main Assets

Q: What is considered as a “Main Asset” in the free offer?

We define Campaigns, Forms, Landing Pages and Emails as main assets.


Q: How many main assets are cleaned with the free offer?

Up to 50 main assets; you can choose any combination of campaigns, forms, landing pages and emails to add up to 50.

Maximum Dependencies

Q: Is there a cap on how much cleaning I get in the free offer?

We clean up to 25,000 dependencies with the free offer.


Q: How can we make the most of the free offer?

Choose the main assets strategically, so as to have a total of not more than 25,000 dependencies. You can use the always-free portQii Workbench tool to check how tangled the assets are. Talk to us and we can help you how to get the most out of this offer!

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