We Know Every Nut & Bolt of Oracle Eloqua

eloqua Asset migration

Moving assets across Eloqua instances is arduous & error-prone when done manually. It can take months and cost thousands of dollars – Let us do all the heavy lifting, we are used to it. <We’ve  . . .done all this work>

data migration

Migrating data across Eloqua instances while maintaining its integrity is meticulous work that needs rigour –  We do it all the time; Let us manage that for you.

ELoqua clean-up

Eloqua instances bloat and get lethargic over years- Let’s clean it up and make it nimble again. We have all the right tools and a cracker of a team that has helped many clients over years that can do it in no time!

eloqua integrations

You need someone to manage integrations between Eloqua and Salesforce, or AEM, Snowflake, Big Query, Omeda, BlueConic, or other such systems – we do that for many of our clients. Or, we can even build a new one for you.

Eloqua administration

Don’t have an in-house Eloqua admin team? We can play that part, while you focus on your marketing.

data management

Our decisions are only as clean as our data – Let’s scrub it thoroughly.