Migration Efforts
with this easy calculator.

You need to move your Eloqua assets from one instance to another. You want to know if there is an effortless way to do it. 

Yes, there is. 

The Portqii team has helped many Fortune 500 companies migrate their assets and consolidate Eloqua instances. Our migration process was perfected with each of our projects and our tools have been battle tested. Here is our calculator to help you estimate efforts in such migration projects. 


Asset Type No of Assets With Portqii (Hours) Manual Effort (Hours) Action

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* The calculation of manual efforts are based on empirical feedback from our existing clients and experts in our team. Assets were categorized based on the level of complexity and weighted accordingly to arrive at an average.

A lot of parameters will go into such an effort. Are your assets old and unsupported by Oracle? Are some of the assets broken or corrupt? Are all the dependencies still intact? These are questions that only a deep-dive can answer. 

You should use this calculator, more as a rule of thumb and not as the final estimate or a quote. 

Having said all of that, we are the best option in the market – and the only one!