More intuitive than ever.

Months of design thinking workshops culminate into what’s perhaps the best UX Eloqua has ever seen. Cohesive application of industry’s best design practices pack dense information into easily readable views. The single page structure allows more to be done without ever leaving the page.

The best top-view.

Orchestrator provides a higher vantage point; a point of view from where we can tell exactly which emails are taxiing, which ones are taking off and how they are landing! A place from where you can take intelligent decisions and deeper insights.

Know exactly how the day looks.

It goes perfectly well with your morning cuppa coffee! Built to always keep you in the know, Orchestrator lays out all campaign emails on your personal timeline. With one look, you can tell whats cooking and what’s prepping. It’s also the perfect screen to end your day with!

Intelligent early warning system.

Orchestrator’s smart algorithms keep track of touch governance policies. The warning system cautions but also provides the necessary rescheduling UX to handle collisions – everything, without leaving the screen.

Closer Campaign Views

No more flying blind – Orchestrator provides clearer campaign insights. Insights that can inform campaign decisions; that can optimise operations and improve marketing efficacy.

Highlight Contact Overlaps

Campaign Orchestrator analytics highlights accounts and contacts that have touch points across multiple campaigns in the same period. You can even resolve these from the same screen.

Upcoming Features

Account Unification

Intelligent grouping of contacts into one account based on email domain, DUNS or any other user defined field.


One single reading to tell us how engaged a contact is – based on data such as email open rates, click-through rates, page visits etc.


Take action directly from the Campaign Orchestrator on the reported touch governance violations.

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