Portqii Customer Success Story ​

All campaigns with consistent and comprehensive tracking

Customer: Global Healthcare Technology Company
Annual Revenue - $35B
Campaigns Executed: 5 Regions
Across 3 Business Units


The Company, a powerhouse in healthcare research, empowers current and aspiring leaders in the healthcare sector to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. They achieve this by offering thought-provoking insights, actionable strategies, and practical tools that facilitate seamless execution. 

At the core of their marketing strategy is the creation of top-notch content, encompassing research reports, whitepapers, case studies, webinars, industry trend analyses, and blog posts. They consistently share expertise on healthcare industry trends, optimal practices, and strategic solutions. 

The diversity and personalization inherent in their content pose a unique challenge in managing digital subscriptions. This complexity adds an extra layer of intricacy to the marketing team’s responsibilities. 

The extensive utilization of assets like campaigns, emails, forms, landing pages, and more necessitates the establishment of a clearly defined taxonomy. This taxonomy is indispensable for organizing and managing these diverse marketing data effectively.


The company’s reliance on spreadsheets for campaign and marketing data management resulted in a disorganized and inconsistent approach, causing challenges in tracking and management for the marketing team. 

These inconsistencies in tracking methods led to a fragmented and unreliable assessment of campaign performance, making it difficult to accurately measure their impact. 

Heavy reliance on manual processes introduced a notable risk of errors and inefficiencies. The substantial time and resources allocated to administrative tasks diverted focus from more strategic initiatives, leading to decreased productivity. 

Obtaining accurate and pertinent data for evaluating campaign performance proved to be a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. This hindered the ability to derive meaningful insights, ultimately impeding the decision-making process. 


The company turned to Portqii to tackle these hurdles and streamline the automation, application, and management of marketing data, like campaigns, emails, and landing pages, across all teams within the organization. 

Leveraging Portqii’s Asset Naming solution, the company benefited from its user-friendly no-code configurations and seamless workflows, simplifying the process of defining and mapping taxonomy. This solution emerged as the centralized authority for standardizing marketing data across all teams in the organization.  

It helped the company automate instrumentation for the seamless connecting and tracking of campaign performance. 


Thanks to Portqii’s solution, the company now has the flexibility to easily update its taxonomy in response to any future needs. The marketing asset data names are now uniformly recognizable throughout the organization, facilitating intuitive business insights. With this solution in place, it’s now feasible to perform the most granular campaign measurements, connecting all data to the campaign and aggregating it based on the defined dimensions in the taxonomy. 

The implementation of this solution has provided a unified dashboard for all campaign managers across business units, greatly simplifying governance. Consequently, the marketing team can now allocate all the focus towards enhancing customer experience, as the Asset Naming Assistant autonomously propels campaigns forward. 

About Portqii

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